oral irrigator I made some time ago, and two articles on the teeth of children not? If you want to revisit it, you can look at it here: [There are bear children in the family] – I highly recommend you read this article, 18 vital tooth problems [family bear children] – add 22 children Dental problems are the most concerned oral irrigator.

However, in addition to children, some adult teeth problems are also significant, you have to care about yourself not, your mouth is excellent, let alone dinner, the whole child is happy and open, hahaha. 

oral irrigator
oral irrigator

As the saying goes, toothache is not a disease, and it hurts to be terrible. I think about the experience of seeing my teeth when I was young.

I was afraid, I heard the sound of the “drill,” and the hairs were all upright so that now I saw the “dental” brand, my heart trembled, and I was afraid of it.

What’s more, now looking at the teeth, really not cheap! Did I tell the truth?

To help the children protect their teeth, there is a right tooth, save some money, I have sorted out all the problems.

please contact the senior dentist of the family to help. In addition to daily care, there are some questions about wisdom teeth, teeth cleaning, and whitening of teeth. Everyone cares about it.

Remember to do it carefully after reading it. Otherwise, it will be a painstaking effort!

How To Find Best oral irrigator 2018 ?

  1. How do adults choose a toothbrush? What is the electric toothbrush?
  • A: It is best to choose soft hair for the toothbrush. When you select it, look carefully at the bristles. It is outstanding and soft. The same is true for electric toothbrushes. If the bristles are too hard, and the frequency of the electric toothbrush is high, it will cause some damage to the gums.
  1. Toothbrush daily cleaning should be how to do? Look online and say that the toothbrush has to be changed once in 3 months? Must change?
  • A: After brushing your teeth, rinse the brush head with water and rinse off the remaining toothpaste and residue on the brush head.
  • After cleaning, place the toothbrush in the cup with the brush head facing up and open to the air. If the brush head is facing inward, the cup environment is damp, which is not conducive to the cleaning of the toothbrush.
  • Regarding the replacement of the toothbrush, it is not necessary to strictly adhere to the three-month period. As long as the toothbrush does not bristle, it can be used, but it is essential to keep the toothbrush head dry.
  1. Some people on the Internet said that no matter how expensive the toothbrush is, the cost is almost 2 yuan. Is it not necessary to choose a particularly costly toothbrush?
  • A: No matter which brand and price of a toothbrush or toothpaste you choose, the process of brushing your teeth is the most important. You must clean your time and carefully clean each toothbrush. Otherwise, even if it is a toothbrush of 10,000 yuan, if it is not taken seriously, oral care will not achieve the best oral irrigator.