oral irrigator The tooth whitening pen is a kind of brush that allows you to apply a whitening product to the tooth enamel.It is a cosmetic pen that allows a whitening optical effect oral irrigator .

This effect is unfortunately temporary. Let’s take stock of everything you need to know.

How To Do oral irrigator

  • The whitening pen looks like a brush, coated with a tooth whitening gel. It is a kind of “smile makeup.
  • Teeth whitening is also called tooth lightening;
  • The pen is used to precisely apply a more or less uniform layer of whitening gel on the teeth.
  • It does not act in depth but has a superficial.
  • action and does not eliminate the coloured stains of the enamel.
  • The pen is convenient to use; it is one of the new home teeth whitening products offered.
oral irrigator
oral irrigator
  • Its aesthetic effect of whiter teeth comes from the whitening gel it contains.
  • Most whitening pens have hydrogen peroxide in the formula of their dental whitening gel.
  • It also contains, among others, purified water, flavourings, glycerol (25%), propylene glycol (25%).
  • The whitening product it contains has a slight odour reminiscent of solvent without acetone to remove nail polish.
  • Good to know: the gel formula is 0 to 0.1% hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) by European standards .

Use of a dental whitening pen

  • Before using the whitening pen, it is necessary to brush your teeth for 3 minutes, then:
  • press the click or turn the dose dial if there is one (it depends on the marks);
    dry your teeth
  • apply directly, using the tip shaped brush, the whitening product on the tooth enamel avoiding touching the gums or lips;
    keep the smile visible and allow to dry avoiding ingestion of whitening gel.
  • Good to know: its use is exclusively for adults. It should not be used on dental prostheses.
  • It is also essential to avoid contact with the bleaching gel with clothes or other tissues as this may cause stains.

Dental whitening pen: pros and cons

  • The whitening pen for teeth is easy to use; this is its main advantage.
  • Just remove the cap and apply the bleaching gel on the surface of the teeth and let it dry.
  • There is no need to read along leaflet like for other home whitening products.
  • The second advantage, its price is affordable. Besides, it has the power of being carried everywhere.

It is disadvantages

  • Like other home bleaching products, if you use the pen too frequently and in high doses, it can cause tooth sensitivity,
  • gum irritation and enamel spoilage apply a uniform layer of whitening gel to the teeth and in comparison with other home
  • Bleaching methods You must buy a pen often enough, Which ultimately represents, in the long run, a particular investment.